‘It’s like navigating between Scylla and Charybdis,’ says # 10 source on PM’s Covid-19 options


Professor Kevin Fenton, National Director of Health and Welfare at Public Health England, said similar restrictions could be imposed in the capital to avoid a return to a tighter lockdown.

He said: “In some areas that have seen a resurgence, there have been limits on how much time you can spend socializing. In some cases, it may be local curfews, so you don’t drink until the wee hours of the morning.

“By limiting that, you also limit the time people spend in close contact with others. “

Stricter enforcement of the ‘rule of six’ Mr Johnson plans to increase fines for anyone breaking the ‘rule of six’ which limits social interactions to just five other people as of Monday, September 14.

N ° 10 is worried about the first evidence that the “rule of six” is being flouted by a large number of people.

A source said: “There is preliminary evidence that the ‘rule of six’ is not being followed correctly. “

One idea is to increase the fines for breaking the current £ 100 rules to possibly up to £ 1000, reflecting the new fines for violating the self-isolation rules.

A source said: “The public have been fantastic in following the guidelines, but we are concerned that the ‘rule of six’ may be violated, especially by young people, which is why we will consider stricter enforcement measures, such as increased fines. ensure compliance. “


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