It’s another perfect mess for Matt Patricia’s Lions. Now what? – The Athletic


A year after his football team became the leading authority in the NFL on how to blow up tracks and turn two dozen paper clippings into a complete collapse, Matt Patricia stood in an empty Ford Field on Sunday. and watched his Lions crumble for a third season opener in a row. It wasn’t an embarrassing home blast on “Monday Night Football” against a rookie quarterback. It was not an exact replica of the collapse in Arizona last September, although it was close. This one was unique and familiar at the same time.

A perfect mess.

When asked if his coaching style had anything to do with this unsettling trend, Patricia hit back – citing the call he made over the goal line in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIX, standing at side of Bill Belichick, which resulted in the sealing of the championship of Malcolm Butler. interception for the Patriots.

“I don’t think so,” said stern-faced Patricia after a crushing 27-23 loss to…


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