Islanders advised to prepare for Storm Teddy


Prince Edward Island is being asked to prepare for a possible storm next week.Hurricane Teddy is now a Category 3 storm with sustained winds of 195 km / h off Bermuda. Meteorologists say it is heading north and could hit the Atlantic provinces in the middle of next week, or it could miss the region.

“Just in case, I think we have the opportunity this weekend,” to put away patio furniture and play equipment like trampolines, said Tanya Mullally, provincial emergency management coordinator at the ‘Prince Edward Island.

She also noted that COVID-19 means islanders will want to update their emergency supply kits – typically they suggest islanders have enough food, water, clothing, cash, batteries and more. other goods for three days.

“Consider taking it up to five days of supplies,” Mullally said. “During this weekend, when you’re out shopping, start looking to move around or store that kit this weekend – just in case something happens, then we’ll be ready. “

Mullally also suggests that people review the contents of their kit to make sure food and batteries haven’t expired, and things like radios and flashlights are working. People are also expected to add masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to their kits due to COVID-19.

She said that while Teddy’s effects on the Atlantic are uncertain, it’s good to have your eyes on the potential problem early so people and systems are prepared.

“It’s almost a week for potential impacts, so we have time to prepare now,” Mullally said. “What we don’t want are those queues at grocery stores 24 hours in advance. ”

Even though the storm does not affect Prince Edward Island, Mullaly said hurricane season lasts until the end of November, when winter storm season begins, so being ready is never a problem. bad thing.

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