Inside Trevor McDonald’s marriage to Josephine as they split after 34 years


ITN legend Sir Trevor McDonald has separated from his wife Josephine, according to reports, ending their 34-year marriage.It has been claimed that Sir Trevor, 81, and Jo have decided to go their separate ways, with the first moving into his own apartment.

“It’s sad but Trevor and Jo realized they no longer made each other happy,” a source said, “and it was time to move on. ”

The insider added to The Sun, “He and Josephine have a long history so obviously they’re still talking, and it’s all amicable.

“Trevor has moved into his own apartment and some friends joke that it’s his bachelor apartment. “

Sir Trevor and Jo are said to have separated after 34 years together

They added that the split was “no secret” among the former couple’s circle of friends.

They share their son Jack, 31.

Jo is not Sir Trevor’s first wife – he separated from his ex-wife Beryl in 1985 after 11 years of marriage, with whom he shares two grown children, Joanne and Tim.

In 1986, Sir Trevor met and formed a romantic relationship with Josephine after they met at ITN.

The new couple got married the same year.

Sir Trevor and Jo share their son Jack

Sir Trevor married Jo in 1986

In 2004, it was reported that the couple had undergone a ‘temporary separation’, with Sir Trevor saying he had moved from the family home in south-west London to an apartment nearby.

He returned home regularly during this time, saying at the time that the two were convinced their marriage would survive.

Sir Trevor and Jo have both kept their marriage a secret, although he said in an interview that she struggles to cope with the time he devotes to her job.

Sir Trevor’s media career began in 1962 as a news reader in Trinidad.

He moved to London seven years later, where he worked for the BBC World Service before joining ITN in the early 1970s.

Sir Trevor was the first British journalist to interview Nelson Mandela after his release from prison

Career milestones for the broadcasting veteran include being the first British journalist to interview Nelson Mandela after his release from prison in 1990.

He also held the only British interview with Saddam Hussein.

In 2005, Sir Trevor announced his retirement from reading news, but returned to News At Ten three years later.

He read his last newsletter in 2008 and has since immersed himself in presenting roles for documentaries on travel and crime.


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