India bans PUBG, Baidu, and over 100 China-related apps


Another 118 Chinese mobile apps have been banned by the Indian government, as tensions between the two countries continue to rise.

Those on the list include several of Tencent’s products, including the hit video game PUBG Mobile and WeChat Work.

Previously, the government had banned 59 of the most popular apps, including TikTok, for national security reasons.

India’s IT ministry said it had “credible information” and the latest batch worked against India’s interests.

Other affected applications include:

The ministry said it has received numerous complaints from “various sources,” including several reports on “the misuse of certain mobile applications available on Android and iOS platforms to steal and surreptitiously transmit user data in a non-compliant manner. authorized to servers located outside India ”.

“The compilation of this data, its extraction and profiling by elements hostile to the national security and defense of India, which ultimately infringe on the sovereignty and integrity of India, is a subject of very deep and immediate concern that requires urgent action. “

The ban comes amid tensions along a disputed Himalayan border.

India and China deployed more troops to the Ladakh region in June and clashes left at least 20 Indian soldiers dead.

Satellite images appear to show that China has built new structures overlooking the Himalayan border region.

The United States has also recently taken action against Chinese apps, threatening to ban TikTok and ordering American companies to stop doing business with Tencent’s WeChat platform. White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said the administration also had other Chinese applications in its sights.


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