In France, the requirements for outdoor masks are considered by some to be good for business


What Happens With COVID-19 Supplemental Unemployment Benefits?

It has been weeks since President Donald Trump signed an executive memorandum that was supposed to put the federal government on the verge of supplementing unemployment benefits, to $ 400 a week. However, few states are currently paying even part of the benefits promised by the president. And, it appears that in most states the maximum additional benefit that unemployed beneficiaries will be able to get is $ 300.

What’s the latest on evictions?

For millions of Americans, things look bleak. Unemployment is high and moratoriums on pandemic evictions have expired in states across the country. And as many people already know, eviction is something that can haunt a person’s life for years to come. For example, being evicted can make it difficult to rent again. And this can lead to increasing poverty.

Which retailers require people to wear masks when shopping? And how do they apply these rules?

Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, CVS, Home Depot, Costco – they all have policies that say shoppers are required to wear a mask. When an employee confronts a refusing customer, the interaction can spiral out of control, so many of these retailers are telling their employees not to enforce these mandates. But just having them will actually make more people wear masks.

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