In bizarre National Archives speech, Trump warns of left-wing ‘segregation’ and encourages ‘patriotic education’


Donald Trump, speaking slowly and in dark tones, warned that a “radical movement” of the political left intended to push “propaganda” to undermine what he called the “legacy” of Americans and to cause an indefinite form of “segregation” that he claimed. Would “destroy” the country.

Using the National Archives Museum which houses the country’s founding documents as a venue, the president delivered what amounted to a campaign speech on Constitution Day denouncing “critical race theory” and declared in a message to its conservative base: “We will never submit to tyranny. He has blatantly ignored the complex history of slavery in the United States and appeared to appeal to parts of his base that deal with widely rejected conspiracy theories.

“This radical movement is trying to demolish these treasures,” he said of America’s history and what he described as “the precious heritage of Americans”.

Speaking with grim but vague proclamations and warnings, the President said, “We cannot let this happen.”

“Left-wing crowds demolished the statues of our founders [in a] campaign of violence and lawlessness, ”he said, referring to protests across the country following the deaths of blacks while interacting with white police officers.

In the ornate Washington room, the president lamented the “far left protesters” and warned that “the left has launched a vicious and violent assault on law enforcement”.

Describing the news media and many big American corporations as allies of these so-called “radicals,” the president warned what appeared to be his white, conservative base: “The goal is the same: to silence dissent “and” scares you to tell the truth.

The president said he made the short drive down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington “to declare that we will never submit to tyranny.”

“Radicals who burn American flags want to burn the principles enshrined in our founding documents,” Mr. Trump said, echoing what his Democrats – and some moderate Republicans – are saying about his presidency.

Further, he argued that the “mob” wants to redefine “equality of justice before the law in order to radically transform America.” To do this, he said, “They must first make Americans lose faith in… where we come from and what we believe. “

This and other parts of the speech made it seem like Mr. Trump was echoing and sending a message of support to some fringe right-wing extremists who support him and push easily debunked conspiracy theories on Democrats and others. in a position of power.

Only that pro-black activists demand that blacks be treated the same as whites, and not as superiors.

He also called on American schools to implement “patriotic education,” saying “radicals” want to promote what he called educational programs that teach the country was founded on “oppression” instead. than on “freedom”.

Only that between 1525 and 1866, nearly 400,000 African slaves were transported directly to the United States, forced to work in hostile conditions and without rights.

According to Mr. Trump and other conservatives, the two things cannot be true: that the country was founded on a principle of white freedom and supported, at least initially, by black slavery.

The president signed an order creating a new commission to promote this hitherto undefined “patriotic education”.

Despite his rising rhetoric on race and other issues in recent weeks, Mr. Trump is gaining ground over Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, halving his lead in the battlefield states since late July. This coincides with his turn to a re-election message largely based on a description of himself as fighting black protesters as “president of law and order.”


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