If you can’t beat the pirates, Marquez and educated, the option years, Bauer and other small pieces


Thanks to un bug Twitter hier, our BN Bulls Twitter account has been restricted as if it were an automated spam bot. Apparently a large number of accounts were mistakenly flagged which is disappointing for a number of reasons, but the most obvious to us is that we can’t tweet. And it looks bad. But the problem-solving process is one of those huge black boxes where you don’t know if there’s another human on the other side, who might just take two seconds to look at the count and say, oh, wait, yeah, that’s Ordinary. So anyway, if you see the warning regarding the account or wonder why we haven’t tweeted in a day, that’s why. We are working on it the best we can!• The Pirates have been one of the worst teams in MLB for several years, and they have increased their winning tally of the season, in the final week of the season, by 13.3% in the last two days against the Cubs. Yes the Cubs had a terrible BABIP luck last night, and yes the night before was a walk. The two games were decided by a single round. Yada yada yada. I understand all this. But none of that changes the reality that the Cubs have become the property of a pitching staff that has been terrible this year. Trevor Williams, who dominated the Cubs entered the start last night with a 6.70 ERA, and had allowed 30 races in their five previous starts.

• So here is. We are allowed to be worried and frustrated. More information on this topic soon. The Cubs will try to split the four-game series with the Pirates starting at just a few hours. It’s early today.

• At least Kyle Hendricks ended his year dominating a team he should dominate – those two home runs from the first set made the Cubs, however:

• When the Education League starts next month, here’s something to keep in mind as to whether Brailyn Marquez has been called up and made the 40-player roster:

• So if Marquez was placed on the player 40 for the final days of the season and the playoffs, then he could not come to the instruction ball. Which would be really bad. It is always worth raising him if you think there is a good chance that he can help you and you think there is almost no chance that it is a serious risk to his development. But if you’re on the fence, that’s just another factor to suggest that it may not be worth the risk when talking about the first prospect to throw at the top of the Cubs’ rotation in a decade.

• Draft No. 1 Ed Howard is set to be at the Cubs’ pedagogical ball this year, and is it just me, or does he already look like he’s put on some good weight:

• Then again, it maybe looks like he did because the vast majority of the video we have of his amateur career is from when he was a junior in high school or younger there. is well over a year old. More of the weirdness of 2020.

• Speaking of outlook and the oddity of this year, take a look at this important issue that has yet to be resolved:

• We have long assumed that this year would be Albert Alzolay’s last year of option. It might not matter if he looks like he did it the other night, because at that point he’s clearly one of your top 13 pitchers and he’s making anyway the Cubs out of camp next year. But in case you wanted to be able to go for AAA Iowa, there’s now a huge open question as to whether he actually qualifies for an additional option next year due to this year’s shortened structure. I have to believe this issue was anticipated by the union when drafting the March deal, which governs this season (but this issue does not appear in the text of that deal). So, I guess for now, we think that Alzolay is running out of options… with an asterisk that maybe it isn’t.

• I know you’ll have jokes, but it’s rightfully a great achievement for any player:

• Reaching 10 means a lot to a guy’s future health care and retirement, and it’s just one of those goals a lot of longtime (non-star) players aim for. Plus, the Cubs could have DFA’d Descalso anytime this year, but instead they kept him in 45-day IL. The cost to them was the same in any case, but this approach got him his 10 years.

• Trevor Bauer dominated again last night and put on an absurdly good, Cy-Young caliber season with the Reds. A real platform for the future free agent. Yet there is a large portion of his season that continues to go unrelated to the general public. I’m also lost on this, which refers to Bauer:

• Bauer, you will recall, made a very public case about the suspicious behavior of Astros launchers a few years ago, and said the only way to add 400 RPMs to your fastball is to use an illegal grip enhancer (and he demonstrated this for a run just to prove his point). Now his spin rate has jumped 400 rpm this year and he’s going to win the Cy Young. He * himself * likened it to steroid use. What exactly are we doing that we don’t even talk about? Doesn’t MLB just not want the negative attention that is inevitable, especially given the reality that so many pitchers do? Can we just change the dang rule and make it legal to have grip boosters?

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