“I Used You” – Bayley Speaks To WWE Universe After Sasha Banks Onslaught


Bayley knew that all eyes were on her after her assault last week. The champion stepped into the ring with the same steel chair in her hand she attacked Sasha Banks with last week.Bayley asked if we think she enjoyed this, assaulting her best friend and destroying her best friend? Ding dong, she said… yes that felt good.

The SmackDown Women’s Champion has revealed she knows what Banks has been up to all these years. Bayley spilled all the beans when she revealed she just wanted to use it and pretended to be her best friend from the start.

Bayley admitted that she never cared about Banks or their friendship. She thanked Banks, she became a two-time champion, the first female Grand Slam champion and the longest reigning SmackDown female champion.

However, now Banks is completely useless to the champion. Bayley then folds up his chair and walks backwards, attacking Nikki Cross on the way.

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The rich history of Bayley and Sasha Banks

Whether as rivals or friends, no one knows Bayley better than Sasha Banks. Their history dates back to NXT.

Bayley won her very first WWE title by beating Sasha Banks in August 2015. She achieved the near impossible feat by beating the then top star in the Women’s Division for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Banks and Bayley made the story again a few months later. The two superstars faced off in the first-ever 30-minute women’s Iron Man match. Bayley successfully defended his title at NXT TakeOver: Respect.

However, on the main roster over the years, the two would still be together. They have both been together for both the face and the heel. The duo have won the Women’s Team Championships twice. These reigns and victories came like a heel and like the right people.

Now since Bayley turned on Banks again. If they can replicate something close to their NXT days, it will surely be fireworks.


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