‘I love to infiltrate the brains of the nation’: Andy Day of CBeebies, Britain’s favorite babysitter | TV and radio


Andy Day defends his irregular record as a time traveler. “I understand the concern over there,” he said, his voice frantic with comfort. “But everything is fine. It’s going to be OK. I have covered my tracks well, I think.Only a fool would believe it. As the star of Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures from CBeebies, Day has traveled more time than most, and to say that this caused consternation among parents across the country would be a criminal understatement. In each episode, Andy, who works in a museum, will suffer an accident – maybe he’ll break a dinosaur egg – before deciding that the only way to fix it is to go back to the age of dinosaurs, to steal a real dinosaur egg from its current mother, then return it to the museum.

I watched each episode of Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures several times and waited years before asking him a question: why? Why not just travel back in time before the egg was broken and take better care of it, rather than risking the fate of humanity by going back millions of years?

“I’m not doing it just for fun,” he stammers half-heartedly from his home in Bristol. “I do this for educational purposes. I take responsibility. I think this is the most important thing.

I want nothing more than to bring Day to justice for his ruthless abuse of the space-time continuum. However, I know that if I did, my kids would kill me. The longest-serving presenter on CBeebies, Day has spent nearly a decade and a half as the country’s unofficial babysitter. Tall, curly-haired and endlessly enthusiastic, Day is a steadfast pillar in the chain. He brings a spirit of playful authority to his screen time, a willingness to jump on two feet to any new situation. In addition, he sings his own name a lot.

You will know his shows, partly because many of them are made with the help of the BBC’s Natural History Unit, but mainly because they all have the word “Andy” in the title: Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, Andy’s Aquatic Adventures, Andy’s Safari Adventures, Andy’s Secret Hideout, Andy Dinosaur Raps, Andy and the group. In addition, Day performs all of his thematic tunes, with lyrics mostly made up of the word “Andy”. In the opening sequence of Andy’s Baby Animals, for example, he sings his own name 12 times within 45 seconds.

“Look, I didn’t plan this,” he protests. “It just happened. Then he gives in. “I like trying to infiltrate the brains of the nation,” he admits. “’Andy, Andy, Andy.’ It’s actually hypnosis.

Day’s latest effort is a very sweet show called Andy’s Dino Toybox, where he just plays with dinosaur toys. The series was produced in direct response to Covid. Like Steph McGovern and Romesh Ranganathan before him, Day found himself producing it from his own home.


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