“I can destroy you” Behind the scenes facts


19. When Weruche first read the script, she knew it would be a special project.

20. Weruche had to google what an MDMA high looked like in order to convince her to get high in one of the scenes of the show.

21. I can destroy you affects many types of consent. Prior to filming, Weruche had no idea that taking a condom off is classified as sexual assault, continuing to say that she thinks a lot of people may not have known that either.

22. The period scene meant a lot to Michaela because the subject is still so taboo, and you never see anything like it on TV.

23. Michaela’s costume designer for I can destroy you (Lynsey Moore) also did her show Chewing-gum and is the only costume designer Michaela has worked with.

24. Michaela confirmed that Bella’s cardigan was intentionally symbolic.

25. Michaela improvised the song Shot Glass in Episode 3.

26. While the flashback sex scene in Episode 6 may seem seamless, it actually required a lot of starts and stops as well as complex choreography.

27. Arabella’s pink wig in the first few episodes was intentionally chosen to not suit her face or skin color, and as the series progresses the wig is seen to deteriorate.

28. Arabella’s costume choices were handpicked with ’90s inspiration, but have been brought together to feel timeless.

29. Kwame’s choice of costume to wear faux fur became an accidental motif, representing the game as well as a safety blanket.

30. Finally, Michaela thinks she could work on something a little less personal for her next project.


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