Hyundai says recalled vehicles should be parked outside until repairs are made


Hyundai ran over on a lack of brake fluid that could cause engine fires.Earlier this week, the company recalled more than 200,000 Santa Fe SUVs from 2013-2015 in Canada and the United States.

Hyundai told owners of the recalled SUVs to park them outside until repairs were made, they had initially said this was not necessary.

More than 440,000 Kia Optima mid-size sedans from 2013 to 2015 and Kia Sorento SUVs from 2014 and 2015 are also affected.

Kia’s recall will begin on October 15, while Hyundai’s will begin on October 23.

Dealers from both companies will inspect the control units for leaks and replace them if necessary at no cost to the owners.

In company documents released Thursday by U.S. safety regulators, Hyundai said it has received 15 reports of engine fires caused by the fluid leaks, while Kia said eight. Hyundai said it was not aware of any injuries and Kia said it did not.

The recalls are the latest in a series of engine fire issues that have plagued both automakers and sparked investigations by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Engine failures and fire issues with Hyundais and Kias have affected more than 6 million vehicles since 2015, according to NHTSA documents.


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