Husband shot his wife’s lover and forced her to behead him, police say


A jealous husband forced his wife to behead her lover after shooting her rival in the head.

Jonathan Amerault’s dismembered body was discovered at a remote campsite in northern New Hampshire, days after he went missing.

Police say Armando Barron forced his wife Britany Barron to cut the victim’s wrists while he was still alive and behead her after his death.

Barron, 30, forced his 31-year-old wife to cut off her head so Mr. Amerault could not be identified by dental records, according to reports.

Mr. Amerault’s head was found in a separate grave covered with gravel.

The discovery of his remains came after New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officers received reports of illegal camping in a hunting area.

When they found Britany Baron and told her she was offending, she allegedly told them, “I’m in big trouble.”

Officers found Mr. Amerault’s body wrapped in a tarp and thrown into a stream and arrested Britany Baron and later her husband.

Armando Barron, of Jaffrey, New Hampshire, has been charged with the murder of Amerault and Britany Barron has been charged with beheading and concealing the body, according to the Sentinel Keene.

They both appeared at an arraignment hearing in Cheshire County to plead not guilty and were released without bail.

Britany Baron’s lawyer is said to have said her client had been severely beaten by her husband and only participated because she feared for her life.

Prosecutors say she was charged despite her cooperation, which they say only came after she was arrested.


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