Hundreds of whales stranded on a sandbank off the Australian island


Whales are stranded on a sandbank near Strahan
A pod of whales, believed to be pilot whales, are seen stranded on a sandbank in Macquarie Harbor, near Strahan, Tasmania, Australia September 21, 2020. Image AAP / The Advocate Pool / Brodie Weeding / REUTERS

Sydney – At least twenty-five whales have died and scientists are trying to save another 250 that are stranded in a remote bay on the Australian island of Tasmania, officials said Monday. The Tasmanian Department of the Environment said the whales got stuck on a sandbar in Macquarie Harbor on the island’s rugged and sparsely populated west coast.

Nic Deka, who is handling the response to the incident, said two large pods were stuck on sandbars a few hundred meters apart inside the port.

“They are in the water, but it is very difficult to see how many of these whales have died or what condition they are in,” he told reporters in the nearby town of Strahan.


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