How to watch the historic SpaceX rocket launch more Starlink satellites on Friday


The Falcon 9 rocket booster that sent NASA astronauts at the International Space Station in May is expected to be recycled again on Friday, when SpaceX plans to send another 60 Satellites Starlink to orbit at the top of his pillar of fire.

Elon Musk’s reusable rocket will make its third flight when it takes off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 10:57 a.m. PT (1:57 p.m. ET). This specific unit sent astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken into orbit in May, then launched a South Korean satellite in July. So far, SpaceX has successfully launched and landed the same rocket until six times.

The launch was originally scheduled for Thursday, but it was cleaned up and postponed for a day due to a “recovery issue”. SpaceX might not have liked the aspect of time in the Atlantic where the first stage and fairing needed to be salvaged.

The half of the nose cone, or fairing, at the top of the rocket also saw two previous flights, both from earlier Starlink missions.

This should be a pretty routine launch. This will be the 13th Starlink mission to date, and SpaceX is ultimately planning dozens more as it develops its broadband mega-constellation.

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After the launch and separation of the second stage and rocket payload, the first stage thruster will return to Earth to land on a droneship in the Atlantic.

SpaceX will broadcast it all via the stream above, starting around 10 minutes before launch.


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