How did Western students contract COVID-19? Contact tracing graph shows how the epidemic spread among students


A contact location map released by the Middlesex London Health Unit shows the start of the COVID-19 outbreak among students at the University of Western Ontario.

The graph shows the path of infected students over a six-day period from September 8 to 13, visiting local businesses and student bars, including La Cucina, Chuck’s Roadhouse, Crunch Fitness. Several students were also shown sharing drinks and e-cigarettes as well as car rides without masks.

With nearly 30 active cases in the city, 15 are believed to be linked to the epidemic. Eleven of those cases relate to three student houses and four to Lost Love Social House, a popular student nightclub.

Two Lost Love employees, labeled F1 and G1, were seen working at the club wearing masks and contracted the virus after sharing car trips together. Lost Love closed operations on September 12 for a deep clean and plans to reopen on September 26.


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