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LOS ANGELES (AP) – Tan France’s first day back to work after quarantine was a photoshoot.

No one approached him.

He was taking pictures for a new gig on Etsy and although Netflix’s “Queer Eye” style expert was happy with the results, it was strange for him to work without doing anything.

“It was my first time dating someone other than my husband. And it was very surreal, ”he recalls.

Social distancing is the opposite of his usual work setup. On “Queer Eye” he used the style people in a more confident state of mind.

It involves stepping into other people’s personal space and closets, which is one of the reasons production on the upcoming reality series is currently on hold.

It’s good for France. He and Jonathan Van Ness, the show’s hair expert, are the ones who really come together people: “I don’t think any of us are excited about this yet. ”

While many TV shows have adapted to remote filming, France believes the magic of the Fab Five’s well-being would disintegrate if it weren’t for real life.

“You can’t really do ‘Queer Eye’ virtually,” he says. “A big part of our show is, I know it’s going to sound silly, but we kiss so much. We are here to wipe away their tears.

Deprived of people to learn how to transform their outer shell into an inner power, France turned to styling – at home.

His new home in Los Angeles is being remodeled and decorated, but he hasn’t sought advice from Bobby Berk, the salon’s interior design professional.

“I learned a lot from Bobby and his team on the show, like a lot. However, I have always felt pretty good about designing houses or just whatever I love. And our aesthetic is so different. It is much more modern than mine.

By comparison, Tan, 37, calls her taste “grandma chic” and admits to being thrilled to get his hands on a cardigan with pearl buttons.

Tan is also busy preparing for the debut of his first MasterClass, which will allow viewers to hear his take on the style, as well as curating a collection of gift ideas for Etsy, which will be released on Monday.

When it comes to gifts, France is so confident in its tastes that it does not keep the receipts.

“I am a very special person and I am sure people I can tell from the show that I’m sort of a nightmare. I am very specific in everything I do, ”he says.

“And so, when I give a gift, I’ll find this information to know that when they open it, they’ll think, ‘How the hell does Tan know I like this?’ ‘

France is happily splashing money on street looks and only using a work wardrobe budget – that is, someone else’s money – on items big brands.

“I love Zara. I love J. Crew. I love the stores that I loved three years ago. I did not change. I’m going to sound like Jennifer Lawrence when I say this, but I can still be totally normal. This life we ​​see on the red carpet is a moment. It’s not my real life.

And as fashion weeks gears up to show off their new season collections this month, France says it’s a stylish thing he’s happy to do from a distance.

“I don’t think I would go to a show now. I don’t think I’m ready to sit next to others people. But I’m really excited to watch it virtually, because I know that’s what London Fashion Week does for a lot of their shows.


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