Hip-Hop Star Notorious BIG’s Plastic Crown Sells For Nearly $ 600,000 At Sotheby’s Auction | World


A plastic wreath bought for $ 6 for a photoshoot sold for nearly $ 600,000 at a Sotheby’s auction.

Christopher Wallace, the hip-hop star better known as Notorious BIG, wore the crown in a photo taken for a magazine in 1997 that hailed him as the “King of New York.” Mr. Wallace was shot a few days later.

The lot, described as a “plastic crown, adorned with multi-colored plastic gemstones” and “leftover foam interior padding, a broken stitch”, was offered for sale by photographer Barron Claiborne as part of the premiere Sotheby’s hip hop auction. – Accessories and souvenirs shop, held in New York. He explained that he removed the moss because the crown was too small for Mr. Wallace


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