Hiding in plain sight: Mitchelton-Scott’s new helmet for the Tour de France


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Scott Centric Plus

Esteban Chaves wears new Scott Centric Plus helmet at Tour de France (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Scott Centric Plus Helmet

The new helmet offers plenty of ventilation throughout (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
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Scott Centric Plus Helmet

Front area provides maximum airflow (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
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Scott Centric Plus Helmet

On the side it retains a clear aerodynamic shape (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
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Scott Centric Plus Helmet

As the rear sees the enlarged exhaust vents (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
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Scott Centric Plus Helmet

The helmet also has MIPS SL rotational impact protection (Image credit: Josh Croxton)

With Adam Yates wearing the yellow jersey for four stages of this year’s Tour de France, we’ve seen plenty of Mitchelton-Scott at the front of the field driving the pace. Perched on top of the heads of a few select riders, it appears to be an updated version of the Scott Centric Plus road bike helmet.

A quick scroll on Scott’s Instagram page shows the brand quietly announced the helmet on the back of the new Foil and posted details on their website, but have yet to start the fireworks surrounding its launch. .


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