Hessle teenager dies after DIY SOS heartbreak as Nick Knowles pays tribute


DIY SOS host Nick Knowles paid tribute to Darren Hudson’s son who sadly passed away, Mirror Online reports.Oliver appeared on the show alongside his adoptive father Darren, who suffered from degenerative spine disease in 2017 that left him unable to walk for the rest of his life.

Hull’s father was afraid to provide for his young family of three sons, Mike, Oliver and Harvey, who were stuck in a house that did not suit their needs.

On top of that, Darren remained the sole caregiver for his sons following the tragic death of his wife Sarah on Boxing Day in 2017.

After being diagnosed with the rare syndrome, Darren was forced to share the downstairs bedroom with his severely disabled son, Oliver, who could have up to 70 seizures a day.

The DIY SOS team stepped in to help transform Darren’s home, leaving Hull’s father overwhelmed with support from the local community.

After watching the show, Darren said, “Amazing. What you guys have done for us guys is our next chapter. This is the next step forward which is huge for us.

“Words don’t even seem enough to me. I went there and didn’t even recognize my house. Actually it’s not a house, you brought it back to us.

“I can really go upstairs and it might not sound like much to you, but to me that’s it.” You gave me the full room where I have come down for so long.

“This is something we needed so badly and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. It’s incredible. Thank you so much. ”

But Nick Knowles shared the terrible news on Twitter last night that Darren’s son Oliver has sadly passed away.

The host posted: “We @DIYSOS extend our condolences to Darren and his family on the sad passing of the wonderful and beloved Ollie who we miss and loved so much.”

Viewers were heartbroken by the tragic news, with a comment: “I have never felt more heartache for a family than watching this episode before reading this tweet. God protects you. ”

Another wrote: ‘This was possibly one of the best if not the best versions I’ve seen. So deserved, such a lovely family. Really touching. RIP Ollie. ”


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