Herd immunity: Farmer goes viral after being spotted sitting among his cows, watching Irish Open golf


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“My phone is not working well and people my age are not very good on social media,” said O’Kane. “But my kids tell me there were a lot of them.”

Irish professional golfer and BBC guest Padraig Harrington has suggested someone needs to get O’Kane’s autograph when he first sat down. O’Kane sat down silently, watching the putts, sipping his tea and stroking one of the cows.

“There’s one of the few spectators outside of the bubble,” Harrington said. “He also has some friends.

O’Kane told the Belfast Telegraph he was later joined by his wife and mother, and all enjoyed seeing the pros tackle the tricky course.

“Later my wife and mother came over to join me for a short while to see what it was about. Like me, my wife also plays a bit of golf and loved to watch the pros. My mother is 84 years old and very fit for her age. She also joined in the fun of watching golf, ”he said.

“I have played this course myself and can say it can be quite unforgiving for the average player like me. The rough between the fairways on this Galgorm course is quite heavy. You have to be a really good player to stay the course. ”

American John Catlin won the tournament, his first victory on a European tour, with a final score of 10 below par. The victory puts Catlin, 29, in the world’s top 100 for the first time in his career, and he is the third American to win the event in his history.

The Irish Open was previously scheduled to be held in May in Mount Juliet, about 150 kilometers north of Cork, but it has been postponed and moved due to COVID-19 concerns.

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