Henry Cavill still keen to play James Bond


Henry Cavill still keen to play James Bond

Fifteen years ago, choosing a new James Bond came down to three men – Daniel Craig, Henry Cavill and Sam Worthington. Craig, then 37, was considered the frontrunner for the role and ultimately got it.

Cavill, a young and promising like “Tristan and Isolde” and “The Count of Monte Cristo”, would have been very impressed with his hearing. The problem was, he was only 22 at the time, and was deemed far too young for a character to achieve the status of Commander of the Royal Navy before moving on to the Secret Service. After his passing, he joined the cast of Showtime’s “The Tudors,” from where he and Natalie Dormer launched a successful career.

Cut to today. Craig’s final outing in the role with “No Time To Die” is hitting theaters soon, but the actor is done with the role, so producers must turn around to watch what’s to come. Cavill, now perfect for the role at the age of 37 and with a much more substantial film and television catalog behind him, recently spoke to GQ magazine and confirms that he is still very interested in taking on the role:

«Yes Barbara [Bond producer Barbara Broccoli] et Mike [co-producer Michael G. Wilson] were interested in this, I would absolutely jump at the chance. At this point everything is in the air. We’ll see what happens. But yeah, I would love to play Bond, it would be very, very exciting.

The closest Cavill has come to show off his spy skills is with Guy Ritchie’s “The UNCLE Man” where he has received good notifications for his work. Cavill Superman’s engagements appear very uncertain in the near future, which leaves the door open for the Bond opportunity. The actor is currently filming the second season of “The Witcher” for Netflix.

“No Time To Die,” arguably the only major studio shoot to hit theaters before Christmas, arrives in November.


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