Heathrow Airport Live: British Airways Flight to Los Angeles “Unloads Fuel”


A British Airways flight from Heathrow was forced to dump fuel and return to London, according to reports. Flight BA (BA269) departed Heathrow Airport at 4:40 p.m. on Monday, September 7 and was heading for Los Angeles when it was forced to turn around.

After entering a holding pattern over the North Sea, a passenger posted a photo online that appeared to show fuel spilled from the plane’s wing.

The plane is now returning to London and is back on land.

According to the passenger: “The flight crew have been wonderful, keeping everyone calm. ”

Heathrow Airport and British Airways have been contacted for more information.

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Charlie Lawrence-Jones

“The shutters are not fully retracted”

According to a passenger on the plane, they were told that the flaps on the plane were not fully retracting.

That’s why the plane turned around.

Charlie Lawrence-Jones

The image shows the aircraft that encountered problems

Ground flight (Image: Ali Shahriyari)

Charlie Lawrence-Jones

BA statement

A BA spokesperson said: “Our highly trained pilots have returned to Heathrow as a precaution.

“The plane has landed safely and we have a replacement plane on standby to get our customers out as quickly as possible. “

Charlie Lawrence-Jones

Emergency services not required

A Heathrow spokesperson told MyLondon: ‘No emergency services were deployed during this incident. “

Charlie Lawrence-Jones

New plane organized for passengers

Passengers were told that a new plane was lining up for them and that they would depart (again) in about two hours.

Charlie Lawrence-Jones

The flight landed safely

A passenger on board told MyLondon that the plane had landed safely.

Charlie Lawrence-Jones

Plane built by Boeing

According to Flight Radar, the aircraft is a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

According to the Aviation Safety Network, six accidents involving this aircraft have been reported in the past seven years and no fatalities have been reported.

Charlie Lawrence-Jones

What we know so far

  • British Airways flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles encountered unexpected problems
  • After taking a holding pattern over the North Sea, it now returns to Heathrow
  • A photo taken by a passenger appears to show fuel spilled from the wing of the plane.
  • The flight departed Heathrow at 4:40 p.m., 40 km beyond the scheduled departure time


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