Halsey reacts to thirsty fans of her younger brother Sevian!


Internet discovered HalseyThe brother of!

Social media exploded after fans “found out” that the 25-year-old “Without Me” singer had a sexy younger brother named Sevian.

“Halsey’s brother is so hot, omg,” one fan tweeted. “HALSEY BROTHER HOT AF WAIT….” another written by sharing photos of Halseythe 21 year old brother.

A fan – who Halsey follows – then tweeted one of the Sevian‘s TikTok posts, in addition to writing, “oomfsey looks away like he’s so hotttttt pleaseeee 😚🥰😍💕✨”

Halsey then saw the tweet and called his fans to be thirsty for his brother!

“I know you don’t thirst for my brother with my own damn meal,” Halsey tweeted.

If you missed it, Halsey will soon be making her acting debut in a new show!

Check out more pics of Halsey’s hot brother inside …


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