Halle Berry calls her historic Oscar victory “heartbreaking.” Here’s why.


Halle Berry talks about the “heartbreaking” feelings that followed her historic Oscar win almost 20 years ago.

The actress presented her directorial debut “Bruised”, in which she also plays the role of MMA fighter, at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and spoke about her record in a virtual chat on Friday. with moderator Amanda Parris.

Berry, who appeared on the festival video conference in a black printed flowy top, hair pulled back and seated on a white sofa against a gray brick wall, reflected on when her name was called up in 2002 for the Oscar de best actress for “Monster’s Ball.” ”

“It was one of those out-of-body experiences,” Berry said. “I really didn’t think I would win. Back then, the Golden Globe was the precursor to the Oscar and I didn’t win the Golden Globe… So when my name was called out, I really didn’t have a speech. I didn’t know what I was going to say. And my subconscious took over and I said what’s on my mind, what’s on my heart. ”

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During her Oscar speech, Berry was overcome with emotion, calling the moment “so much bigger” than her and dedicated her Oscar to “every unnamed and faceless woman of color who now stands a chance” .

To this day, Berry remains the only black woman to win the Oscar for Best Actress, despite strong performances from stars like Cynthia Erivo, who was nominated this year for “Harriet,” or Ruth Negga, nominated in 2017 for. “Loving”. Both lost.

“The grief that I have,” Berry continued, “is because I really thought tonight meant that very soon after, other women of color, black women, would come by my side. So now it’s been 20 years and no one has. And so when Oscar time comes, I get very thoughtful. I think, “Well, maybe, maybe this year. And it became heartbreaking that no one else stood there. ”

Still, Friday was a highlight for Berry as news hit that Netflix picked up its unfinished “Bruised” for a Deadline deal, and Variety says it’s worth nearly $ 20 million.

“I’m blown away,” Berry said of the sale. “Our film is a work in progress. We have tried to submit it to the festival but we still have some work to do. COVID has kind of slowed our progress on it… It’s been a struggle. So get it. bought at this early stage it’s a thrill. ”

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Berry called “Bruised” a “classic fight movie,” noting that it has changed dramatically since she first took it. “When I first read this screenplay it wasn’t written for someone like me, it was written for a 25 year old white Irish Catholic girl.

“My job was to figure out how I could convince the producers who had the rights to this movie that they should let me reinvent it for a middle aged black woman and how I could play this fighter and how I could tell this story. , ” she laughed. “It was a trip. “


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