Growing number of Londoners looking for work outside the capital, according to job site | UK News


Londoners are increasingly looking for jobs outside the capital as the city’s economy stagnates, one of the UK’s largest recruitment sites has found, suggesting the prospect of a wave of “reverse commuters” or a continuous exodus of residents.Indeed figures, based on millions of job postings and searches, show that on September 18, the number of advertised positions in London was down 55% as of the same date in 2019.

The sharp drop reflects the impact of the closure of offices and the reduction in reception services on the city’s labor market.

Many restaurants, hotels and shops in business and tourist areas remain closed or are operating at reduced capacity.

With the scarcity of vacancies in the field, Indeed said more job seekers living in London are now looking for work elsewhere. In August, the number of people looking outside London was up 27% year on year, and 30% from the start of the year.


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