Greece Mulls Defense Upgrade Program; Discussions with France on fighter planes


The acquisition of the French Rafale fighter would be one of Greece’s main priorities. Credit: Tim Felce / Wikimedia commons

Greece is discussing with friends and allies possible defense purchases that could reach up to 10 billion euros ($ 12 billion) over the next decade, local media reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed officials in Athens. .

According to reports, funds in the amount of 1 to 1.5 billion euros are expected to be disbursed in the coming months for the purchase of missiles, torpedoes and spare parts.

Greek Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis said on Tuesday that Athens was “in consultation” with its allies to further strengthen its armed forces.

He added that defense authorities have created what he called a “menu of options,” saying, “We already have the menu of options for upgrading existing weapon systems and purchase of new ones, under the financial constraints that we have. ”

Greece is said to be in talks with France over the purchase of up to 18 Rafale fighter jets manufactured by Dassault.

Reuters “We are in talks with France, and not just with France, in order to increase our country’s defense potential. In this context, there is a discussion which includes the purchase of planes ”quotes a Greek defense official.

However, France has yet to confirm the deal. “There is no agreement as written in several media. However, there are discussions on a number of topics, ”said a French government source. Reuters, without providing further details.

The Rafale is a twin-engine, multirole combat aircraft equipped with a wide range of weapons.


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