Google removes search suggestions on candidates and voting


Google’s autocomplete feature tries to predict what someone is looking for based on what they’ve typed so far. This is based on factors like popularity and what other people have been looking for.

On Thursday, the tech giant said it would remove suggestions that could be seen as endorsing or opposed to political parties and candidates. It will also eliminate autocomplete predictions related to election participation information, such as voting methods, requirements or the status of polling places. For example, phrases such as “you can vote by phone” or “you cannot vote by phone” do not appear in AutoComplete.

However, even if these phrases don’t auto-fill, users can still search for whatever phrases they want and see those results.

The move comes as Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants try to curb disinformation ahead of the November election.

“We want to be very careful about the type of information we highlight in the search function given its importance. Given the concern over elections and election news, we want to be particularly conservative here, ”said David Graff, senior Google director for the world. policy and standards, at an online event with journalists.Graff said seemingly innocuous suggestions can be brushed aside in the wake of the policy change, but the company wants to be cautious. “We really want to prevent bad information… from showing up in a feature like autocomplete,” he said.


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