GOLDSTEIN: Hajdu Should Stop Cheerleading For China Over COVID-19


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Sunday, Hajdu was requested by Global News so, in retrospect, she still believes China was honest and open about COVID-19.

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This given that she accused a journalist in April of“Fueling the conspiracy theories that many people perpetuate on the Internet”, to wonder if the data from China, relayed by the World Health Organization, is reliable.

One would have expected Hajdu to have been cautious in his response.

Given that two weeks after its crack on feeding internet conspiracies and securing its numbers, China has suddenly increased its COVID-19 death toll in Wuhan by 50%, amid lingering questions about the accuracy of its national data.

Instead, Hajdu doubled down on his defense of China, saying that “look, very early on China alerted the World Health Organization to the emergence of a new coronavirus and also shared the sequencing of the gene that allowed countries to be able to quickly produce tests to be able to detect it in their own country. “

She said the underreporting of deaths from COVID-19 is a problem in many countries because “it’s hard when you’re in the middle of a crisis to do that thorough accounting. ” Good point.

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But China threatened and arrested doctors in Wuhan who were trying to tell the world the truth about COVID-19 – that it was capable of human transmission – in late December.

Chinese authorities only publicly admitted until January 20, and when they finally locked down Wuhan on January 23, it was already too late to stop its global spread.


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