Glam Lab Checks How New York Salon IGK Adapted to Be Safe Against COVID


NEW YORK CITY – As non-essential businesses have been given the green light to reopen, New Yorkers have witnessed some of the savviest hubs in business to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines. Restaurant owners have created patios romantic exteriors between busy streets and cycle paths. Gyms have turned their parking lots into spin class destinations.But salons had to go the extra mile to make sure their clients and employees were safe – whether we have a manicure or a haircut, we all know it’s an up-close and personal experience.

I’ll be honest, I hesitated. I mean, it’s impossible to avoid human contact.

So when I saw the extreme measures taken by Aaron Grenia, IGK Co-Founder, at IGK Soho, I felt a little more at ease.

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“You couldn’t just reopen and get everyone back into space and feel like the lights were out and four months later the lights were back on,” Grenia said.

I can attest to that, they didn’t just reopen… they completely transformed the space!

I’m a regular IGK customer (check out previous episodes here) and felt like stepping into a whole new salon.

As if I wasn’t already impressed with Aaron’s new caring standards, he explained how he and his partners continue to make money for their employees.

“Fortunately, we also have the haircare side of the brand and financially, they are not mixed. We were able to secure a social content agreement with all of our salon stylists, ”Grenia said.

Although stuck at home, their stylists at all three salons could be paid for creating videos for IGK Hair.

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I have to say getting a new cut and color job without any hassle looked really good to me.

If you can’t get a seat in one of the IGK lounges in New York, LA, or Miami, here are some tips to make sure you’re in a COVID-free lounge:

  • CHECK THEIR WEBSITE: They should be aware of all the new regulations and the changes they have made. If that doesn’t sound different, try calling and asking.
  • LOOK FOR VISUAL CUES: It doesn’t have to be plexiglass dividers, but look for a hand sanitizer station. Make sure everyone is wearing a mask, look for a hand sanitizer station or a sign explaining the new safety measures for everyone’s protection.
  • CERTIFICATION BARBICIDE COVID-19: A quick online course that teaches beauty professionals how to properly clean and disinfect their tools and stations in accordance with new safety guidelines
  • ROBES: If you don’t receive a disposable bathrobe, ask if they wash them after each use.
  • TAKE NOTE OF THE TRAFFIC: While a reserved spot might seem like a good thing, it could also mean less time for proper cleaning. You want to make sure that the appointment times are spread out enough that there is enough time to completely clean up after each client.
  • Check out this episode of Glam Lab to see IGK Soho’s COVID-safe transformation!

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