Gareth Bale’s return to Tottenham is a sad move and shows how much the club has changed – Stan Collymore


Gareth Bale’s return to Tottenham is a deplorable move by the club, a purely emotional affair. It’s Jose Mourinho pulling the emergency stop rope and Daniel Levy looking for another distraction for supporters now that the documentary All Or Nothing is starting to look a bit faded.

Bale’s return will be pulling on the chords as fans reminisce about those warm, fuzzy feelings he gave them eight or nine years ago.

But in the here and now it smacks of the kind of moves Manchester United have made after Sir Alex Ferguson left – a club that caters to any old marquee player who is available because the foundations creak .

I have nothing against Bale, I love the player and I have nothing against Spurs either. I really love them as a club and have always respected them.

Spurs pay Bale huge salary to guarantee his services

But if they were really paying him £ 550,000 a week salary for a nine month loan, I can’t help but think the money would have been much better spent on three, four, or even five, prime loan signings. order which would have improved the Tottenham squad much more considerably.

At 31, we know Bale still has some football in him. The problem is, we don’t know how many.

He has suffered injuries over the past few seasons and what I would be concerned about if I were a Tottenham fan is exactly how much season we are going to take from him. Two-thirds? Half?

We’ll have to wait and see, but for that kind of money we have to know we’re going to have a player in his absolute best week after week.

The Welsh star was revealed on Saturday

The other worry is, if I was in that locker room, working my socks week after week, for a fifth or sixth of the money made by someone who doesn’t play every week, it’s going to rock me. .

So this deal looks like a backpedal of Spurs – a case of ‘Let’s put the group back together’.

It’s like Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are convinced to line up with a couple of musicians and people who say, “Great, the Beatles are back”.

Except it wouldn’t, right?

I know a lot of people think Bale doesn’t like football anymore, that he only likes golf, but I don’t buy into it.

What I do know, however, is that he’s in no real rush to play football week after week.

Will Tottenham’s decision to bring Bale back to the club backfired? Give your opinion here.

Doubts surround Bale’s ability to enlighten the Premier League as he once did

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He could have said anytime over the past two years, ‘You know what, I’ve been making £ 650,000 a week for several years now – not just a couple of – I’m not wanted here, so I’m going to go somewhere for £ 100,000 a week and replay ”.

He would have had 10 massive clubs that wanted to sign him, but instead the only time he was tempted to leave was to go to China, the biggest backwater in world football, just for even more money.

By signing Bale at this point in his career, Spurs appear to be on the fast lane to nature for four or five years which is amazing if you look back at where they were under Pochettino.

I’m not claiming there weren’t any problems towards the end of his reign, but I’m sure they could have been resolved.

Now it’s all about the smoke and mirrors you get with Mourinho these days, and after losing their first game to Everton and pulling through their Europa League qualification on Thursday, it smacks of them trying to pull another rabbit hat.

Under Pochettino, Spurs were a progressive and forward-thinking club, but the move suggests that is no longer the case.

A disaster awaits, the football equivalent of Boris Johnson’s Operation Moonshot.

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