Furlough Mk II might just be the job after all


With sporadic outbreaks and lockdowns likely, localized solutions may also be needed. East Midlands Chambers of Commerce chief Scott Knowles has seen businesses suffer from Leicester’s lockdown. He warns, “Our members feel very strongly that anyone who is able to demonstrate a loss as a result of local lockdowns should be compensated.” This could be done through an extension of the local government subsidy system, which has so far delivered £ 11 billion to businesses, he suggests.The message has resounded with MPs of all stripes pushing for a sectoral approach. Julian Knight, Conservative Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, said: “We’re going to look silly and set the economy back a generation if our top creative sectors deteriorate for a few. billion.

Anneliese Dodds, the Phantom Chancellor, warns: “We have said time and again that removing income support for businesses when many have not even reopened and others are subject to local restrictions was a recipe for an employment crisis. ” Sarah Olney, spokesperson for liberal democratic business, wants “targeted packages” for sectors like the hospitality industry.


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