Furey appeals to former Royal Mail and Canada Post boss to lead economic revival


Moya Greene retired in 2018 as Managing Director of Royal Mail. (Government of Newfoundland and Labrador)

Moya Greene, the leader raised in St. John’s whose career has taken her to the upper echelons of Canada Post and the Royal Mail, will return with a new mission: to oversee the economic recovery of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Prime Minister Andrew Furey said in a statement Thursday morning that Greene, who retired in 2018 from the Royal Mail – the UK’s postal service – has been appointed chairman of the economic recovery team he had promised during this year’s Liberal leadership campaign.

“I’m delighted to have someone with Greene’s experience and qualifications to chair the team,” Furey said in a statement.

“Greene will be tasked with helping recruit others to sit as members of the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team with the primary purpose of presenting opportunities and ideas to the Prime Minister as we envision an economic future better and brighter. “

While he was managing director of the Royal Mail, Greene had the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth. (Submitted)

Greene, who spoke to CBC Radio Ready to go On Thursday from her home in London, said she was looking forward to the role.

“It’s a fairly broad and broad mandate. … It’s about helping [Furey] putting together a plan, a practical and sensible plan at a rate that will improve the fiscal outlook for the province, ”she said in an interview.

Greene admitted that “the province is in a bad spot” and said everything would be looked at, including economic sectors and how to create jobs.

Born in St. John’s, Greene, 66, shattered several glass ceilings during her career, becoming the first woman – not British – to run the Royal Mail. As managing director, Greene has been credited with modernizing the postal service in Britain, although she has also made controversial decisions, including guiding the service towards privatization and bringing the Royal Mail to a public company listed on the stock exchange.

Everything on the table

Speaking to reporters on Thursday afternoon, Furey said Greene was chosen not because of her background in privatization, but rather because of her organizational and “change management” skills.

He said, however, that everything was on the table for Greene’s scrutiny.

“Everything has to be looked at. It would be irresponsible of me as Prime Minister to say that we are taking things off the table, before we even know what the potential value is, ”Furey said.

“We kind of have to look big and reduce them. ”

Greene’s role is a volunteer, Furey said, and she and her team will be asked to compile short, medium and long term strategies for a better economy.

Greene was the CEO of Canada Post from 2005 to 2010, before being hired at the Royal Mail.

“Resilience is made in the bone”

In 2017, she received an honorary law degree from Memorial University, her alma mater.

In an interview with CBC at the time, Greene credited his upbringing for qualities that served him well in dealing with difficult situations.

Greene says she learned many useful lessons growing up in Newfoundland and attending Memorial University that have served her well throughout her career. (CBC)

“I was fortunate to have the family that I have, to be reasonably well educated, to come from this very special place where resilience feeds on bone,” she said.

An Economic Recovery Team was a mainstay of Furey’s platform as he campaigned to succeed Dwight Ball as premier. Furey was sworn in last month after defeating rival Liberal leadership candidate John Abbott, who won the 2019 general election with a minority government.

Previous prime ministers have already focused on economic recovery. Liberal Clyde Wells, for example, created an autonomous Economic Recovery Commission in 1989 to review government policies and programs. The organization was headed by Memorial University professor Doug House.

House previously chaired a royal commission on employment in the 1980s for the Progressive Conservative government of Brian Peckford.

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