Fujifilm breaks mirrorless speed record with new f / 1.0 lens


Fujifilm has announced a new 50mm X-series lens with an unprecedented f / 1.0 aperture. According to Fujifilm, the XF 50mmF1.0 R WR is the world’s first f / 1 autofocus lens for mirrorless cameras and marks the 35th X-series lens the company has produced. Its field of view is approximately 75mm on Fujifilm APS-C sensors.

Fujifilm’s previous fastest lens was the 56mm f / 1.2, which is the aperture that companies like Canon and Nikon also tend to exceed when designing autofocus lenses. While Canon did a 50mm f / 1.0 autofocus for its DSLRs at one point, it was discontinued decades ago. Nikon and Leica once made f / 0.95 lenses, but they only worked with manual focus. Large apertures allow the user to achieve a shallower depth of field and take pictures at faster shutter speeds or lower ISO settings.

Long in development, this is more of a statement lens for Fujifilm than something that will be a handy tool for most photographers. The difference in depth of field between this and the 56mm f / 1.2 will be at least partially compensated for by the shorter focal length, and the 50mm is much larger and heavier at 845g, or roughly 1. 9 lb. However, it provides weatherproofing.

The XF 50mmF1.0 R WR will be available this fall for $ 1,499.95.


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