Free internet for 10 million returning students


T-Mobile plans to provide free internet service to millions of students and their households as the pandemic ushers in a new standard for distance learning.

The Cellular Services Network recently announced the launch of a $ 10.7 billion initiative to provide free Internet connectivity to all U.S. students who participate in free and discounted school lunch programs.

As part of the 10-year program, millions of low-income households will benefit from free wireless hotspots and free high-speed data, T-Mobile says. It executes the plan by partnering with school districts across the country.

“Even before the pandemic, more than 9 million of America’s 56 million school-aged children did not have access to reliable internet and could not complete their after-school assignments,” T-Mobile said in a report. blog post. “Now, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented 50 million students are learning remotely.”

T-Mobile’s efforts point to a stark reality: Without a reliable internet, some students in low-income households cannot participate in any type of digital learning in the classroom.

T-Mobile first announced its goal of providing free internet access to 10 million low-income households in 2019 when it sought to merge with Sprint. Now that the deal is in place, T-Mobile says the wide area network is playing a crucial role in realizing this vision.

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