France’s UDI against the independence of New Caledonia


Another French party has spoken out against the independence of New Caledonia when the territory is due to hold a referendum on independence from France on Sunday.The UDI centrist said he wanted New Caledonia to remain French because part of the French heart was beating in the Pacific.

The president of the Union of Independent Democrats (UDI) party Jean-Christophe Lagarde AFP PHOTO / Ludovic MARIN
Photo: AFP or licensors

Its leaders affirm that for nearly 170 years, France and New Caledonia have shared the same path and now share an identity nourished by a language.

The UDI included three of the four members of the French legislature in New Caledonia who were all opposed to independence.

Last week, two right-wing parties in France also spoke out against the choice of New Caledonia for independence.

In the first of three possible referendums two years ago, nearly 57% voted for the status quo.

New Caledonia has been on the UN decolonization list since 1986.


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