France warns of collapse of Lebanon if no government is formed


PARIS (Reuters) – The French Foreign Ministry warned Lebanese political forces on Tuesday that the country could collapse if they did not form a government without delay.

“At this decisive moment in Lebanese history, Lebanese political forces are faced with a choice between the recovery and the collapse of the country. It is a heavy responsibility towards the Lebanese, ”Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes von der Mühll told reporters during a daily press briefing.

France is pressuring Lebanese politicians to form a new government within a “reasonable time” to pull the nation out of a deep crisis but has not set a new deadline after the last one in mid-September had was missed, said two French diplomatic sources.

Lebanese Christian President Michel Aoun told restless political leaders on Monday that the country was heading “to hell” if a new cabinet was not formed quickly to get the country out of its worst crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war .

“France regrets that Lebanese officials have not yet managed to keep the commitments made on September 1,” said Von der Mühll. “We call on them to reach an agreement without delay on the formation by (Prime Minister) Moustapha Adib of a mission government, which will then have to implement the necessary reforms.”

Reporting by John Irish; Editing by Sandra Maler


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