France opens anti-terrorist investigation after knife attack in front of Charlie Hebdo’s former Paris office


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                Les procureurs français ont ouvert une enquête sur le terrorisme après qu'au moins deux personnes ont été blessées lors d'un attentat au couteau à Paris vendredi près des anciens bureaux du journal satirique Charlie Hebdo.  Deux suspects ont été arrêtés.

                                    <p>Deux victimes étaient dans un état critique, a déclaré la police de Paris.

While police confirmed that a suspect had been arrested, a judicial source told AFP that another suspect had also been apprehended for the attack which took place while the trial was underway for the alleged accomplices of the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015.

According to France 24 journalist Christophe Dansette, a first suspect was taken into custody “covered in blood” after being apprehended by the police near Place de la Bastille in eastern Paris.

Police initially said four people were injured in the attack, but the official told The Associated Press that there were in fact only two confirmed injuries. The police could not explain the discrepancies.

“A serious event has taken place in Paris,” said Prime Minister Jean Castex, who was speaking to reporters when the attack took place and interrupted a visit to northern Paris to visit the crisis center in Paris. Ministry of the Interior.

“Four people were injured and two appear to be in serious condition,” he said at the time.

The Prime Minister added that the attack took place “in front of” the former offices of the weekly in the 11th arrondissement in central Paris. The magazine’s current address is being kept secret for security reasons.

<p>L'agression au couteau est intervenue alors qu'un procès était en cours dans la capitale pour des complices présumés des instigateurs de l'attaque de janvier 2015 contre Charlie Hebdo.

Twelve people, including some of the most famous cartoonists in France, were killed in the attack on the brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi and claimed by a branch of Al-Qaeda.

A policewoman was killed a day later, followed the next day by the murder of four men during a hostage-taking in a Jewish supermarket by gunman Amedy Coulibaly.

The 14 defendants are accused of having helped and encouraged the perpetrators of the 2015 attacks, themselves killed following the massacres.

The magazine, more provocative than ever, marked the start of the trial by reposting hugely controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that had angered Muslims around the world.

Al-Qaeda then threatened Charlie Hebdo to repeat the slaughter of its staff in 2015.

The trial in Paris resumed Friday after a suspect’s coronavirus test came back negative.

The hearing of the fourteen suspects, which opened on September 2, was postponed Thursday after Nezar Mickael Pastor Alwatik fell ill at the stand.

Her lawyer, Marie Dose, said her client suffered from “a lot of fever, cough, vomiting and headaches.”

He was back in the lodge on Friday, after the presiding judge informed defense and prosecution lawyers by text message Thursday evening that the test results allowed the trial to proceed.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP and AP)

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