France bans wild animals in circuses | The Canberra Times


news worldFrance will ban traveling circuses from keeping large wild animals, announced Environment Minister Barbara Pompili. The ban would be phased in and would apply to animals unfit for life in a traveling circus, such as hippos, monkeys, wolves or elephants, Pompili said on Tuesday. From 2022, dolphinariums will also be prohibited from keeping killer whales for shows. The same ban will apply to dolphins from 2027. “Wild animals, elephants, monkeys, dolphins or minks: it’s time for a new area in our relationship with these animals,” Pompili said when announcing the measures. “It is time that our ancestral fascination with these wild creatures no longer translated into situations where keeping them in captivity trumps their well-being,” she added. Pompili also announced a ban on breeding mink for their fur from 2025. She promised aid to circuses to help them adapt their shows according to the phasing out of wild animals, as well as funding for circuses. zoos to improve animal welfare. Australian Associated Press


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