France again records more than 7,000 new infections with COVID-19, the number of intensive care increases


PARIS – France recorded more than 7,000 new coronavirus infections in 24 hours for the second time in two days, the health ministry said on Thursday, while hospitalizations for the virus have also increased again.

The Department of Health reported that the cumulative total of confirmed cases rose to 300,181, up from 7,157, just below a record of 7,578 set on March 31 during the lockdown. It had reported an increase of 7,017 cases on Wednesday and reached the 7,000 level last week.

While the lockdown record for daily infections has yet to be broken, the seven-day moving average – which flattens out daily reporting irregularities – has risen to 5,783 and is above the record set during the lockdown for a seventh. day.

During the lockdown, which ran from March 17 to May 10, the seven-day moving average of new infections peaked at 4,537 on April 1.


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