Former Trump campaign manager in hospital after threatening to injure himself | American News


Former Donald Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale was rushed to hospital after threatening to hurt himself, Florida police said.

His wife had called police to tell them he had multiple guns and threatened to harm herself at their home in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.

However, police said he was alone in the house at the time and officers managed to negotiate with him to leave the property.

The former campaign manager threatened to self-harm

Mr Parscale was taken to hospital under the state’s Baker Act, which allows anyone suspected of being a threat to themselves or to others to be detained for 72 hours for assessment psychiatric.

Trump Campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh said, “Brad Parscale is a member of our family and we love him.

“We are ready to support him and his family in any way we can. ”

Mr Parscale was demoted from his role as campaign manager in July, despite being part of the campaign and helping run his digital operation.

He gained media attention earlier this year because of his extravagant lifestyle on the Florida coast that kept him away from the Virginia countryside headquarters.

Shortly before his demotion, Mr Parscale had claimed that hundreds of thousands of people had registered for a Trump return rally in Tulsa – only about 6,000 people.

Mr. Trump was reportedly “furious” at the “disappointing” crowd, according to NBC News, and Mr. Parscale has been replaced by Bill Stepien as campaign manager.

Anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal can call the Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email [email protected] United Kingdom. In the United States, call your local Samaritans branch or 1 (800) 273-TALK.


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