Former black McDonald’s franchisees sue company for $ 1 billion, sent on “financial suicide mission”


More than 50 former black McDonald’s franchise owners are suing the hamburger chain, alleging the company directed them to less profitable restaurants and failed to give them the same support and opportunities that white franchisees received. The plaintiffs are demanding compensation of up to $ 5 million per store, claiming they were sent on a “financial suicide mission.”The 52 plaintiffs, who owned around 200 stores in the United States, allege that they have been forced to sell the locations over the past decade as a result of McDonald’s actions. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in federal court in Chicago, where McDonald’s is based.

According to the lawsuit, McDonald’s directed black franchisees to stores in downtown neighborhoods with lower sales volumes and higher security and insurance costs. The company would either provide them with misleading financial information or make them decide quickly when a store becomes available, the lawsuit says.


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