Ford F-150 Raptor changes skin to look like Tesla Cybertruck


Here is one of the best replicas of the Tesla Cybertruck, made by a Bosnian company – Stark Solutions – using the Ford F-150 Raptor as a base. We first heard about this project in August.It’s obviously not an electric vehicle, but it does prove that the next Tesla is very popular around the world. For eight months, the team tried to make the replica as similar as possible to the original (outside and inside), but not to be an ideal copy.

The biggest problem turned out to be the sleek doors, but there is also a serious problem with making the replica road legal. Stark Solutions has a problem with the vehicle registration, due to the sharp edges of the vehicles (prohibited in Bosnia).

This suggests that when it comes to Europe, Tesla will also not be able to introduce such types of vehicles. Imagine how badly it would perform in pedestrian crash tests with all those hard, sharp surfaces.

Either way, the replica catches the attention of virtually everyone on the street. This is exceptional.

“” Everyone was watching and half of them thought we made a tank because people don’t know what the Cybertruck is. One girl even stopped by and asked if this was where they were producing Tesla Cybertruck, ‚ÄĚCoric said on September 4. “


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