Florence Pugh on her future Marvel potential


Florence Pugh on her future Marvel potential

For now, Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” is officially on the schedule for early November, although there are several indicators that the film will likely be pushed at some point in 2021.

Still, actress Florence Pugh opened up about her role in the new feature film during a recent interview with Total Film (via Games Radar). The acclaimed young star of “Little Women”, “Lady Macbeth” and “Midsommar” takes the role of second Black Widow, Yelena Belova.

Events in the film take place before “Avengers: Infinity War” with Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff still alive and dealing with a personal matter. Most future MCU movies are going to switch from “Avengers: Endgame,” however, and the obvious question arises as to whether Pugh will take over the Black Widow torch from here on out. The actress slowed down this thought:

“If you’re asked to star in a Marvel movie, and it was so exciting and fun and exciting to be there, then of course your head will say, ‘Oh my God. If this is what it is, then what else is it? If that happens and I’m lucky enough to have people like my character, it’s an exciting road to walk. I would be a fool not to get excited about it. I think being part of the Marvel Club is a great honor. But we’ll just see if people like Yelena first.

Johansson was also present during the interview and was more optimistic than her co-star she would take on: “I definitely felt that from the start. She stands completely alone. She is strong and different. She is so different from Natasha.

Pugh also spoke about how director Cate Shortland “went with it” in terms of a much darker tone than the usual MCU fare in terms of how he described the program the two women were on:

“This film is about the abuse of women. It’s about how they get involuntary hysterectomies at age eight. These are girls stolen from all over the world. It is so painful and so important.

Part of the excitement for me is that women and girls all over the world are going to see this, and are going to see a story of abuse that has truly been challenged by its own victims. For a Marvel movie to reach all of these levels, it’s so exciting. The best thing about it is that it’s not layered with that color of gray. You will see these women striving and being strong, and they are murderers – and yet they have yet to discuss how they were mistreated. It’s an incredibly powerful piece.

Shortland was also on hand for this interview and said that part of the appeal is that she’s the only character who “doesn’t have superpowers” ​​and they saw that as a force “because she has to. always dig very deep to get out of these situations… .you want to see his courage and his determination. And that’s what we have.

Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” is hitting theaters… soon.


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