Fisherman hangs dead man’s body in Central Park lake | World news


A fisherman in Central Park in New York discovered he had hooked a dead body when he felt something heavy on the end of his line.

Luis Castoire, who was fishing at Harlem Meer, a lake in the northeastern part of the park on Thursday, said he realized what it was like when he started coiling his line.

“I thought I was seeing a ghost,” Mr. Castoire told NBC New York. “I felt a blow, my hook was stuck… When I go to lift it, I saw the leg rise, then I saw the rest of the body. ”

Mr Castoire, who said he had been fishing in Central Park since the age of seven, said he had to look away from his catch.

“It was devastating, really devastating. I couldn’t believe it with my own eyes, I just couldn’t, ”he said.

He and other fishermen called the police, who taped up the area in the busy park and removed the body.

The victim is believed to be a man in his 30s from Harlem who suffered some sort of head injury, but the cause of death has yet to be determined.

Mr Castoire told NBC he was not sure he would be able to return to fishing there again.

“I don’t think I could come back to this park. It’s like my garden. I don’t personally think that I could come back to this park and be able to fish here, knowing that I am a body, ”he says.

This is the third body found in Central Park this month.

A man in his 50s was found dead on the west side of the park last week, while another man was found floating in the pond near 59th Street on September 7.


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