First Look: Liv Intrigue Advanced Pro 29


Giant’s sister company, Liv, introduced the 27.5-inch version of the Intrigue in 2018, then released an aluminum big-wheeled Intrigue last month. “Can-do quiver killer”. The new carbon trail bike with 125mm of rear travel and 140mm fork uses adjustable flip chip frame geometry to create what the brand calls “two personalities.” Make no mistake, the Liv Intrigue Pro 29 isn’t the same bike as any other in the Giant lineup, and while it shares the same flip chip technology as the recently announced aluminum Trance X 29, the frames are

Advanced details of Liv Intrigue
• Wheel size: 29 ”
• Carbon frame
• Debate: 125 mm (r) / 140 mm (f)
• Head angle: 65.8 (bottom) / 66.5 (top)
• Chain bases: 435 or 438 mm
• Weight: 29.8 lbs / 13.52 kg
• Price indicated: CAN $ 9,799 / € 8,500

Completely different. Liv uses women-only dimensional data when designing their frames, there is a women-specific carbon tuning for each specific frame size, and each model has female-friendly suspension. In fact, Liv says they use a unique mold for each Intrigue size. The ‘Advanced in Liv Intrigue Advanced Pro 29 is available in three different specification levels. Both the Advanced Pro 29 2 Intrigue which sells for 3,200 USD (4,500 € / 5,299 CAD) and the Advanced Pro 29 1 Intrigue which sells for 5,400 USD (5,250 € / 6,549 CAD) are available in the United States, while the Intrigue Advanced Pro 29 0 which sells for CAN $ 9,799 (€ 8,500) is not.

Liv sent me the top of the line Liv Advanced Pro 29 0 which comes with Fox Float DPX2 Factory Live Valve 125mm rear shock, Fox 36 Factory Live Valve 140mm fork, Fox Transfer Factory dropper post , Shimano Deore XT brakes and drivetrain paired with an XTR rear derailleur, Giant TRX-1 wheels and Liv’s new Sylvia SL saddle.

Frame details

Liv analyzed body dimensions, muscle activity, and strength patterns, including thousands of data points on female anatomy, height variations, muscle energy, and performance. As with all Liv bikes, this data was used to design the frames and complete bikes to build them from scratch for women. Liv calls this philosophy their 3F design philosophy, which stands for Fit, Form and Function.

The Intrigue Advanced Pro 29 is completely female-specific, which means it has a frame geometry, composite layer, and shock adjustment created for women. Its women-specific advanced composite frame has internal cable routing, uses Boost spacing and asymmetric chainstays. It fits a 2.5 “tire which is slightly narrower than the 2.6” tire which fits on the 27.5 “Intrigue.

New for 2021, Liv engineers have incorporated a new shape and softer material to the chainstay and downtube guards to help prevent stone impacts and damage from chain slashes.


The 66.5-degree head tube angle on the Liv Intrigue Advanced Pro 29 in the High setting is the same as the head tube angle on the 27.5 “version which launched in 2018, but the flip-chip on the Intrigue Pro Advanced 29 allows the rider to choose a high or low position to make the angles of the head tube and seat tube steeper or looser, and the height of the bottom bracket taller or more low.

Depending on their preference, riders can change the head tube angle by 0.7 degrees, a change that also changes the seat tube angle by 0.8 degrees and move the bottom bracket up or down. bottom of 10 millimeters.

The Intrigue Advanced Pro 29 is available in small, medium and large sizes. There is no small XS, but this is where the Intrigue Advanced and Intrigue 27.5 “come in. The Intrigue 29 is compatible with tires up to 2.5 inches while the Intrigue and Intrigue Advanced are compatible with tires up to 2.6 inches

As for dropper posts, the Intrigue Advanced Pro 29 0 has a Fox Transfer Factory dropper post, which means the small and medium sizes have a 125mm dropper post and the large size has a 125mm dropper post. 150mm telescopic seat post. For all other Intrigue Series models, which are specified with the Giant Contact Switch dropper post, the small receives a 100mm dropper post, the medium gets a 125mm dropper post, and the large gets a 125mm dropper post. 150mm telescopic seat post.


The Intrigue Advanced Pro 29 uses Giant’s Maestro dual-link suspension design for its 125mm of rear travel. Liv has optimized the internal components of its shocks with optimum oil weights and air spring volumes for women. As part of Liv’s 3F design philosophy, they have used a variety of body types and women’s riding styles to find what they believe is the best suspension feel for women.

They refined the suspension cleat stacks, volume struts and air pressures to match the woman based on extensive testing with their female athletes and ambassadors. Some Liv riders as well as Ludi Scholz, global head of the Liv off-road category, worked in parallel with Giant’s design and suspension team at a suspension tuning camp in South Mountain, Arizona, to optimize the suspension function and driving feel for each model.

Driving impressions

The Intrigue Advanced Pro 29 is a rocket on the climbs, despite being a bit heavier than the XC racing machines I was on during the recent XC field test. Even when you’re in the Low flip chip position, the steep angle of the seat tube puts you in a comfortable and efficient pedaling position. I ended up slamming the stem so I could really put my weight on the front of the bike for climbing, but once I did that I felt like I could climb for days.

As far as the suspension goes, Fox Live Valve on Giant’s Maestro suspension makes it seem like you have a much lighter bike than you do under you because there is no jumping and there is speed. in climbs which usually only comes when you pedal a full on the cross country bike.

Liv did a great job specifying this bike for tougher terrain with a 203mm front rotor, 2.5in wide Maxxis Minion DHF front tire, modern cockpit, and sturdy bashguard.

Sarah Moore
Location: Squamish, British Columbia
Age: 30
Size: 5’7  »
Weight: 160 pounds
Affiliations / industrial sponsors: No
Instagram: @smooresmoore

That being said, while the Intrigue has a positive outlook and the specs to match, my first impressions are that it’s not the elusive “quiver killer” for a place like Squamish, BC. It was super fun and quick to cycle on smooth trails at high speed, and it’s easy to get the wheels off the ground, but I didn’t feel at home on thicker trails and had the feels like I have to work harder on those descents, even when I put the Fox Live Valve in the softest setting.

I preferred handling the Intrigue in the more relaxed 65.8-degree head tube position, but this has the downside of shortening the reach to 430mm which is relatively conservative over the mid-size. It’s a cool feature, but I’d rather have a perfect bike than two compromises. That being said, I look forward to spending more time on the Intrigue in the coming weeks and getting to know him better.


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