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This week, the jury house opens its doors for Ian or Tyler. One of them will become the first member of the jury for this second season of the All-Stars. Where are the eleven remaining guests at the moment? Here are our rankings.

1. Cody Calafiore: Big Brother 16 (deuxième place)

Cody appears to be protected on many fronts although everyone realizes that he is a threat in every facet of the game. He has already won two competitions, has strong social play with both men and women and doesn’t is not too shabby in terms of strategy. Someone needs to take this photo before it’s too late. He has already finished in second place. He knows what he needs to do to get things done.

2. Daniele “Dani” Briones: Big Brother 8, 13 (second and eighth place)

Danielle is a strong player despite her thorny social game. She’s a decent strategist and ranks fourth in Big Brother USA history for combined HoH and Veto wins. His current HoH has taken a toll on his game, however, as has his annoying seed planting all over the house. The other guests are well aware that there is a disruptive gardener among them. When the going, other people don’t really trust him and that could be the fatal flaw in his current game.

3. Nicole Franzel: Big Brother 16, 18: (Seventh place, winner)

A polarizing figure to be sure, Nicole is once again doing what she does best and that is using others as shields. Cody is his tampon this time around. She has a good support system around her as long as they don’t lose patience with her attitude and her game to appease the peanut gallery outside the house. Can anyone damage this support system or will it stay intact? We will see soon.

4. Vincenzo “Enzo” Palumbo: Big Brother 12: (third place)

Anyone who wants to shut out Enzo has got to go after everything, bro. His best skill in the game is his social strategy where he manages to appease everyone, tell them exactly what they want to hear and swallow it hook, line, and sinker. It must be the father in him. He could very easily make his way to the final. Don’t be surprised if he does exactly that.

5. Robert «Memphis» Garrett: Big Brother 10: (Deuxième place)

Another finalist who understands the intricacies of the game. After all, he was a direct disciple of Dan Gheesling, one of the best Big Brother USA players of all time. Memphis does not give a ride on the peanut gallery outside the house and this gives him more freedom to make decisions that best suit his game. He has been the voice of reason in the house and he’s not really on anyone’s radar. He won three vetoes in his season, albeit in the last three weeks of the game, so there was a lot less competition. He is this year’s dark horse.

6. Tyler Crispen: Big Brother 20 (deuxième place)

Dude, what happened to Tyler the contestant? Bayleigh is what happened. Neither guest could play to their full potential with the other in the house. Tyler’s heart has been in and out of the game so often this year. One moment he has that killer instinct and the next he wants to go home. This conduct and behavior makes it difficult for others to assess his commitment to anyone. Even though his head is back in the game, many see him as an unreliable player, but he can win competitions for the base alliance, which is why they are considering keeping him.

7. Christmas Abbott: Big Brother 19 (troisième place)

Give it credit. She’s improved her social game by leaps and bounds this time around despite her altercation with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. Still, Christmas is a one-trick Big Brother pony. She is a beast of challenge and a fierce physical competitor having won three competitions this season and two in her original season. This may not be enough this time to complete it. She also appears to be a very consumable part of the Committee due to her public alliance with Tyler.

8. Da’Vonne Rogers: Big Brother 17 et 18 (16e et 11e)

Da’Vonne’s only real allies are Kevin and David. She might be better off teaming up with two of the floats in the pool or two of the rubber ducks in the bathroom. Not giving the house what it wanted and using the veto this week put it in an even worse situation than it was before. It seems the sand in his hourglass is running out.

9. Kevin Campbell: Big Brother 11 (troisième place)

His only strategy this season has been to duck and weave, on the side of whoever is in power and the house. Otherwise, he really did nothing but survive from week to week. He will likely be the default candidate until he is finally elected. Thanks for coming, Kev.

10. Ian Terry: Big Brother 14 (gagnant)

Ian hasn’t really played like a winner. In fact, he barely exists in the house or in the game, but apparently disappearing into the woodwork was his strategy. He should have used that time to forge bonds and partnerships to protect him from situations like the position he is in this week. He’s just another big dud.

11. David Alexander: Big Brother 21 (16e)

Speaking of hiccups, where do you start with David? In her interview with us Janelle said it best “This guy has no scary clues. I will honestly say he is the worst player I have ever played with. Chicken George is a better player. At least Chicken George had a feel for the game even if he could gain power. He knew he had to go after Doctor Will. David is so in the dark and I don’t think he can turn the tide. Even Kaysar, the most diplomatic person you’ll ever meet, admitted in his interview: “I will say David has the most problems because he is unable to sail. He is isolated and unable to work with anything. He won’t even have conversations about it. Kaysar and Janelle are telling the truth. Other than perhaps Victoria or Lawon, David is perhaps the most baffled fans of the house have ever seen playing the game.

Reader alert: This week Big Brother airs tonight (8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET / PT) instead of Wednesday.

Big Brother All-Stars 2 airs on Global three times a week: Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET / PT) and Thursdays (8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., live ET / PT delayed), featuring the show deportation live hosted by Julie Chen Moonves.


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