Fauci warns COVID-19 vaccine will not end social distancing and public health measures


Dr Anthony Fauci warned Americans on Thursday that even if a COVID-19 vaccine were to prove effective, it would not mean the immediate end of the public health measures in place to keep the virus at bay.

In a question and answer session with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, Fauci – the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – explained.

“When the vaccine arrives, we see it as an important tool to complement the public health measures we take,” he said. “This will allow us to return more quickly and with less rigor to a certain degree of normality, but it will not eliminate the need to be cautious and careful with our public health measures.”

He added that the vaccine will not be 100% effective and it will not be taken by 100% of Americans.

“If we’re lucky we’ll get a vaccine that is 70-75% effective,” he says.

Fauci said he believes they will know if any of the vaccines currently being tested are successful “probably in November or December”.

He added that it is “conceivable” that we could find out earlier in October, although unlikely.

“The total number of doses for everyone in the country to get vaccinated… there will be around 700 million doses in April,” he said.

“This means that in theory you could immunize everyone by then, but in reality the logistics and practicality of immunizing people will likely be until the second, third or early days. fourth quarter of the year, when we get back to normal, “” Estima Fauci, using quotes at the end of her sentence.

The first people likely to be eligible for the newly struck vaccines are healthcare workers, Fauci said, as well as vulnerable populations like the elderly and those with underlying diseases.

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His comments on Thursday echoed his comments earlier this month when he publicly challenged President Donald Trump’s comments that “we are turning the last round” on the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

“If you’re talking about going back to a degree of normalcy that looks like we were before COVID, it’s going to be fine in 2021, maybe even towards the end of 2021.”


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