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Fantasy Football Week 2 2020 standings and sleepers # CheckTheLink.

Just kidding, but I don’t. Just kidding is I want to encourage you to read last week’s intro and / or remember to breathe and not overreact. It’s a week. But that also includes overreacting to perfectly fine performance. I sat in awe when tweet after tweet came to complain about Austin Ekeler’s “performance”. Of course, we want to see more passing play work, especially in the days of Half and Full PPR dominating fantasy football. However, 20 keys are 20 keys!

If you had told me Ekeler was going to see 20 hits per week guaranteed, I would have pushed him in the first round. That’s 320 touches, almost 100 more than Ekeler had last year, and only five running backs made it to that mark in 2019.

I bring up this specific situation because it is a prime example of the perception of fantasy managers darkening their…


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