Fantasy contest around France: the winners are announced!


Byron ‘Woody’ Davy walks you through all of the Fantasy Hits and Cheats of the Tour.Well, we have completed our France loop and for many (including myself) the likelihood of it seemed far-fetched a few months ago. In the end it was a big Tour and a big tip contest with lots of scrambling at the top of the GC until the end.

At GC, MLove (Mark Lovejoy) was pretty much the first couple of weeks and really took his step towards the end of Week 2, hitting the right tips when it mattered as we hit the high mountains, where the gaps in times widen considerably. Hammers27 stayed close but was never able to close that gap, staying awfully close after three weeks.

In the Sprint competition, Drhellus (Kaspar Lannes) was in the middle of the field for the first half of the Tour but his consistency was astounding, collecting sprint points at almost every stage, resulting in an impressive margin of victory to say the least. It was almost 70 points back to Rowler on 401 with a large group behind. It’s rare to see the sprint competition won so convincingly.

Likewise, in KOM, Drhellus has been consistent throughout the competition, collecting KOM points here and there to lead BizzyB by 10 points. Again we have never seen a double winner of Sprint and KOM and with so many competitors it may never be seen again. Can we say Merckx?

And what a sweet way to end this Tour de France in 2020. Alex D and the Red Lantern, two peas in a pod. They basically owned it from start to finish. From experience, it is not easy to choose a driver who will end up in the back pack every day, but Alex did.

Thank you very much for playing, and like you, we look forward to the next composition!

Byron ‘Woody’ Davy, Tip Master
CyclingTips Fantasy Competition


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